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Final week

Stone cross.
Body paragraph

Our original plan had been to walk for three weeks with an end point near Plasencia. But we had the time and were so enjoying ourselves that we decided to push on to Salamanca. We knew that rain was coming and the temperatures were dropping but we'd also heard this was an amazing section.

Arch at Caparra
The Roman ruins of Caparra which are right on the trail. Since we'd not had breakfast, the vending machines were even a treat!
Detail arch of Caparra
This iconic arch is the symbol of the route and was featured on signs we'd been following so actually getting there and walking through it was amazing.
Inscription on the arch.
Twon of Banos
Looking back to the sweet town--and fall colours--of Baños de Montemayor.
Nedjo bundled against the cold.
Our penultimate day had us doing a 28 km stretch that included the highest point on this section of the Via de la Plata. We watched the weather forecast closely and put on a lot of layers.
Rosemary with a smattering of snow.
Only a trace of snow by the time we reached the summit and the sun was out making it much more pleasant.
Nedjo adding a rcok to a cairn.
At the summit there was a cross and many stone cairns, which we added to.
Stork nest.
Stork nest in a tree snag. More often we would see them on hydro towers or sometimes in specially built towers (so they don't build on the hydro ones).
Rosemary bundled up in frosty, foggy weather.
We made an early start on our final day heading out into a very frosty and foggy world.
Cows in the fog
It was a quiet morning with just us, cows, sheep and the occasional farm vehicle travelling down the rural farm track.
Farm field.
Eventually the fog burned off, we found a town with an open bar/cafe so we could finally get some coffee and breakfast.
Puente Romano with Salamanca behind.
After seeing it in the distance for many kilometres, you arrive at another Roman bridge for the entry into the glowing city of Salamanca--and for us the end of our camino.
Rosemary in Salamanca's Plaza Mayor.
Our arrival in Salamanca's Plaza Mayor, one of the most beautiful in Spain, and the final point for our walking adventure (and with our delightful hotel just one plaza over).
One of Salamanca's many churches.
Salamanca is a gorgeous city with a vibrant university culture--with some of the oldest universities in Europe--and so many churches, including both an old and new (from the 1600s) cathedral.