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Incredible natural beauty

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Most of our first two weeks had been mapped out from home, so after Caceres we were into less planned territory and also opted to experiment more with where we stayed enjoying albergues (pilgrim hostels) and well as casas rurales (more like B and Bs). While days had a  certain rhythm, each day still held some unique feel. While we never again had the same kind of circle of fellow pilgrims we had started with, we did meet lots of people to chat with and share stories or plans.

Nedjo stannding under curverd oak
We had more days in the dehesa, here with some amazing old and curved oaks.
Giant pine cone
On this day the oak forest gave way to a natural (not planted) pine forest with some impressive cones.
Stone wall
As we continued north, towns and settlements became even smaller and we passed a number of abandoned places.
Early monring light
Not always the earliest to leave, when we did get an early start, the morning light was wonderful.
Rosemary walking on a narrow path
We had a number of sections where we followed a narrow path through fields and particularly loved that.
Walled town of Galisteo
Another day--another amazing endpoint. Here the delightful walled town of Galisteo, where you can walk on top of the walls.
Horse among trees.
The animals we passed were mainly pretty relaxed about us walking by, except for the cows which to  me seemed a little suspicious of our presence.
Giant moss-covered boulders.
Large boulders dotted the landscape over a number of day.
Nedjo walking along a path.
One of our pairs of hiking poles broke fairly early on the walk, so Nedjo found sticks that worked pretty well instead.
Rusted fram machinery.
Farm equipment that had seen better days.
Red bark of harvested cork oak.
The rich red of freshly harvested cork oak stood out against the more muted colours of the fields and stone walls.