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Roman road.
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Merida was a very important Roman city on the Iberian peninsula, known as Augusta Emerita. We very much enjoyed a rest and sightseeing day and a half (since we had a very short walk on our arrival day), with a comfy hotel, lots of great food, an amazing museum and various sites scattered across the city. We also got to take in the Halloween festivities from a comfy bar on the plaza.

Roman amphitheatre in Merida
Roman amphitheatre which would have held 20,000 spectators for the gladiator matches.
Roman bridge
Roman bridge coming into Merida.
Latin inscription on doorway in Merida
Latin inscription on doorway in Merida.
Temple of Diana
Temple of Diana, especially beautiful in the evening with a tapa and glass of wine.
Mosaic from the Museum of Roman art.
Stunning mosaic from the Museum of Roman Art.
Roman theatre.
Theatre where classical plays are still performed in the summer.