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Onwards to Cáceres

Garden in Cáceres.
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It was a bit hard pulling ourselves away from the beauty (and relaxation) of Merida, but when on camino you can't linger too long. And we knew Cáceres was only fours days away (well two for fast walkers, but four at our pace).

Rosemary on the path
We had a relaxing pace as we left Merida. But by now all our original group of peregrinos had either gone ahead or finished the section they were walking.
Cow with impressive cow bell
The animals along the way provided good interest on days when we didn't see too many people. This one had a particularly impressive bell.
Caceres tower
Cáceres was another amazing spot for a rest day. Most of the Monumental City (the historical core) dates from the 16th century. We delighted in walking along the narrow cobblestone streets and marvelling at the stonework of the buildings.
So many great doorways!
Impatients flowers
Although as we move north temperatures are cooling--especially in the evenings--there are still some beautiful splashes of garden colour.
Detail of shields on Golfines palace, Cáceres
While Nedjo worked, I visited the museum and took a tour of the impressive Palacio de los Golfines del Abayo. Pretty stunning palace with great tapestries and furniture. Above is the detail of their shield. I did rescue Nedjo for a long two hour Spanish lunch as a break from work.