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Rosemary reading a Eurovelo sign.
Body paragraph

Day after day of following signs and markers makes you quite partial to them so perhaps they need a special section just to themselves.

Love = love mural
Great LGBTQ+ mural on the outskirts of a small town.
Rosemary and a giant yellow arrow
And those mural artists gave us the biggest yellow arrow so we wouldn't lose our way.
RN on the VP sign
We loved the personalized sign for us (Rosemary and Nedjo on the Via de la Plata).
Granite Roman road markers
Often we had a mixed yellow and blue marker denoting the passable Roman road, with the stripe on top showing the direction. But where the original Roman road was not passable, we'd get our route in yellow with the original direction shown in blue.
Sign in Spanish to close the gate.
Lots of great gates and signs as you pass through various farms.