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Day 15, Vila do Bispo to Cabo São Vicente (and on to Sagres), May 5

Life size pair of dolls enjoying a picnic.
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Our final day’s walk started by passing the market so we stopped to pick up some fruit and tarts and to admire the life size dolls that seemed everywhere. We had enjoyed a simple but good breakfast at our lovely B and B, and Nedjo had even fit in a pre-breakfast bike ride on the bikes that were available for guest use.

Map with a "you are here" flag.
Each town on the route had a signboard with information and a "you are here" flag.

We were in good form and quickly Vila do Bispo looked far behind. We had been planning to do the coastal section even though it looked a bit daunting but although the day had dawned perfectly clear, a thick mist rolled in. With the mist we felt less good about that option and decided that we’d stick to the inland route that had us on a road for a considerable way. I’m sure the coastal finish would have been spectacular but we’d had no shortage of cliffs and stunning views.

We had not anticipated how touristy the lighthouse at Cabo São Vicente would be and it made for a slightly disappointing end point. But we took the requisite photos by the last signpost and had a final picnic and then did a very hot (the sun had burned off the mist and was back with a vengeance) walk into Sagres (another six kilometres along the side of a busy road).

Rosemary Mann with the final sign post at Cabo Sao Vicente.
At the final sign post in Cabo Sao Vicente.

Our lodgings (Cercas Velhas, 55 € includes small kitchenette) were on the edge of town in old converted buildings, but beautifully upgraded and with a delightfully huge bathroom for a much needed shower. I had spent a month in Sagres when I was 20 but nothing really seemed familiar. The village that I remembered is now a large and somewhat sprawling spot but not unpleasant and with a relaxed feel about it. It draws a surf crowd with access to beaches on both sides of the cape.

We wandered the main drag all the way down to the harbour, ate a delicious celebratory dinner, enjoyed the sunset on our walk home and crashed with an overwhelming exhaustion that the last day of walking in the sun had brought on. Nedjo got blisters for the first time and although my feet were almost better I had some new ones as well. Maybe it was being on asphalt or being hotter or keeping up the fast pace. Or maybe it was just a fitting end.

What a fabulous trip it had been. I was thrilled to have done it and it really was pretty perfect in every way. Along the trail we started to talk about other walking trips we’d like to do and places where there would be good walking. England and Scotland. Menorca. The Camino from Seville. Hopefully this would be the first of many such adventures.