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Day 16, Rest day Cáceres, Nov 5

Building housing the museum, Caceres.
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My sore back had made it hard to sleep, even with a very comfy bed. But since we didn’t need to get going we were able to doze a little later. Then it was downstairs for the best breakfast, a buffet with lots to choose from: fruit, juice, muesli, yogurt, toast, cheese, cakes and pastry and with excellent coffee. After most days of just toast and coffee (and often for Nedjo just coffee), this was a delight.


Building detail, Caceres.
Many of the building in the historical centre had interesting features.

After breakfast Nedjo settled in for a morning of work and I headed to the old town. I took a bunch of photos—something had gone wrong and the ones we took the first day had not saved—and visited the museum. The museum covered everything from paleolithic arrow heads and Roman mosaics to regional costumes with a couple of Picassos thrown in for good measure. Then I explored the juderia (Jewish-quarter, which later became the barrio of San Antonio) including a pretty garden. My final morning activity was a tour of the Palacio de los Golfines de Abajo. There were just three of us on the tour and we had an excellent and very knowledgeable guide. There were wonderful furnishings and tapestries as well as an impressive collection of documents.


Church buil ton the site of synagogue.
Church built on the site of the synagogue in Barrio San Antonio, formerly the juderia.

I popped back to the hotel to release Nedjo from his labours and we feasted at the Restaurante Minerva on the main plaza. It was a notch up from the usual, with both delicious and beautifully presented food. We seem to be getting more on Spanish time as we finished lunch at 4:00.


A hot bath in the late afternoon helped my back somewhat and I’m really hoping that with Nedjo’s sore feet and my sore back, we can carry on.